Speedway Leger Review | The Ultimate Campground Transportation

Speedway Leger Review | The Ultimate Campground Transportation

The Dualtron Speedway Leger weighs only 45 pounds and when combined with a collapsable steering column makes it the perfect stow-away scooter for your RV or vehicle.

To power up the scooter simply press and hold down the power button for a few seconds. This will illuminate the scooter’s control panel. Pressing the ‘dot’ button will allow you to change its speed settings. Speed one goes up to 10 mph, speed 2 around 18mph and speed 3 lets you zoom off to an impressive 28 miles per hour.

The mode button allows us to access your odometer, stopwatch, and other settings we’ll show you in greater detail in a later video.

The Dualtron Leger is a capable little scooter that has some pretty aggressive acceleration. The 48-volt battery will give you about 30 miles of range. The Breaking system includes a regenerative electric rear drum brake for plenty of stopping power. This scooter is easy to balance with its good size 8.5-inch tubed front and rear tires.

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CBD Oil on The Road

CBD Oil on The Road

I’ve got a killer deal for my readers. But, before I go into the deal I want to tell you a little backstory on me, and why I decided to buy CBD oil with NuLeaf Naturals.

Back in 2006, I was shot in the head in an accidental shooting. At the time, I didn’t think I was going to make it – something that was incredibly life-changing in various ways.

Because of the blast, I was left with a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Having a TBI brought many other issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and loss of sleep on a pretty much regular basis. I avoided cannabis products because the only thing I could remember about them was getting doped up back in high-school and how lazy it made me.

Finally, I tried NuLeaf. I was hesitant at first but I was exhausted from lack of sleep so I gave it a try.

To my surprise – I slept like a baby. It was this very reason that I decided to invest a lot more time into the world of CBD and getting the word out about what it’s done for me personally.

Now, readers can get 20% off their total order + free shipping when you use CRCO20 at checkout at www.nuleafnaturals.com.

NuLeaf Naturals is also a huge supporter of the full-time RVing lifestyle so I am forever in-debt to them for supporting this venture.

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330 Days Until to the Open Road

330 Days Until to the Open Road

There are only 330 days until our family hits the open road for a full 1-year adventure of full-time RVing.

The picture above was our family’s first travel trailer. When we bought it our son was brand new, about 6 months old. My wife and I enjoyed tent camping. With a newborn, tent camping wasn’t feasible so we decided to give this whole ‘RVing’ thing a try — little did we know we’d get addicted — and fast.


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10 of America’s RV Destinations You Need to Visit

10 of America’s RV Destinations You Need to Visit

RVs offer you the luxury of travel, without all the added expenses associated with vacationing. And the United States is the ideal place for RV lovers to experience some of the best places in the world, on a fun and exciting road trip. To help you get the best out of your RV trips, check out the country’s top 10 RV destinations.

1. Rivers Edge RV Resort

Okay, so Alaska may be a little farther than you’re willing to drive, but if you’re up for a true adventure, try out this beautiful park in Fairbanks. For only around $65 per night (for their most-expensive option), visitors can make use of the 167-site camp and visit the Chena River, take a boat cruise, or eat at the local grill. There are plenty of large pull-through spaces, free showers, a gift shop, laundry, a shuttle service and plenty of room for your pets.

2. Yellowstone National Park

You’re probably not the only one who has Yellowstone as a destination spot on their bucket list since it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are 4 different sites to choose from, depending on the size of your RV and the prices are pretty reasonable. You can bring an RV up to 40-feet long, your pets, and your family to experience everything the park has to offer, like horseback riding, stagecoach adventures, and a variety of tours.

3. Lake George RV Park

Lake George is nestled along the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in New York, but right in the middle of a unique and tourist-filled community. This RV park is loaded with luxury and is completely pet-friendly. For as low as $76 or as high as $129 per night, visitors get full hook-ups, cable, and Wi-Fi, as well as access to a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions like a playhouse, fitness center, gift shop and store, tennis courts, paddle boats, and daily camp activities. There are even a dog park and 2 outdoor movie theatres.

4. Zion River Resort

This amazing RV destination is just as peaceful as the name suggests and if you’re ready for some R&R, this may be the destination for you. Minutes away from Zion National Park in Utah, as well as other national monuments, Kolob Reservoir, and the beautiful town of Saint George. The resort offers a variety of sites for small or even the largest RVs with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, a pool/hot tub, and more for between $50-$70 per day. The Zion River Resort is a little more strict on pets, however.

5. Oak Grove Campground

Right down the road from the lovely town of Holland, dinner cruises, and a variety of shops and diners resides the Oak Grove Campground. It sits right on Lake Michigan and offers visitors a heated pool, hot tub, playgrounds, free Wi-Fi, and campground activities for up to $65 per nightfor big-rig RVs. Though they are pet-friendly, there is an added cost for bringing along your furry friends.

6. American Heritage RV Park

History buffs rejoice! Colonial Williamsburg isn’t just for hotel seekers since this RV park is right down the road from one of the most visited places in the country. Aside from visiting the historic area, visitors can also see farms and live life just like our ancestors. There are 138 sites that can accommodate both smaller and large RVs for between $54-$85 per day. Your pets can tag along for an extra fee, and campers can take advantage of biking, park events, full hook-ups, a dog run, Wi-Fi, a pool, game room, and more.

7. Redwood National Park

Who wouldn’t want to visit Redwood National Park? And since it’s a National Park, the rates for camping are extremely reasonable. RVs can sit underneath vast, tall, Redwood trees with lighthouses, museums, and coastal communities within arm’s reach. There are a variety of affordable RV sites, with available hook-ups and access to pet-friendly grounds, Wi-Fi, laundry, showers, and playgrounds.

8. Durango RV Resort

There are 174 sites in this spectacular resort that sits right on the Sacramento River. With full hook-ups and high-quality grounds, you, your family, and your pets can take a dip in the pool, take advantage of the dog park, or get in on the action in the clubhouse. If you’re looking for luxury over camping, Durango may be for you. It costs roughly $60 per night unless you choose to take advantage of the amazing spa on-site. You can visit local scenery, a farmer’s market, and even a cool casino.

9. Boyd’s Key West Campground

Key West is one of the largest tourist attractions in the country, but staying away from the hustle and bustle is what’s great about an RV right? Boyd’s lets you enjoy the beaches, restaurants, and attractions that the Florida Keys has to offer, from the comfort of a resort that provides pools, a game room, stores, activities, water sports, and more for RVs of any size! This resort may not be as affordable as others, but it’s pet-friendly and the views are unrivaled.

10. Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is one of the must-see destinations and bringing your RV would be the obvious choice. Trailer Village can accommodate RVs up to 50-feet in length and is completely pet-friendly. There are no frills here, but why do you need it with Grand Canyon views from your front steps, as well as a variety of local culture and sightseeing attractions. Rates are only $45 per night for hook-ups, cable, and a quiet and relaxing vacation.

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