Speedway Leger Review | The Ultimate Campground Transportation

The Dualtron Speedway Leger weighs only 45 pounds and when combined with a collapsable steering column makes it the perfect stow-away scooter for your RV or vehicle.

To power up the scooter simply press and hold down the power button for a few seconds. This will illuminate the scooter’s control panel. Pressing the ‘dot’ button will allow you to change its speed settings. Speed one goes up to 10 mph, speed 2 around 18mph and speed 3 lets you zoom off to an impressive 28 miles per hour.

The mode button allows us to access your odometer, stopwatch, and other settings we’ll show you in greater detail in a later video.

The Dualtron Leger is a capable little scooter that has some pretty aggressive acceleration. The 48-volt battery will give you about 30 miles of range. The Breaking system includes a regenerative electric rear drum brake for plenty of stopping power. This scooter is easy to balance with its good size 8.5-inch tubed front and rear tires.